Executive Physicals

Executive Physicals

American Heart Center‘s Executive Health check-up in Dubai Program offers executives a highly efficient way to manage their health.

During the Executive health check-up in Dubai. The following Programme would be available:

  • Complete medical history review analysis and physical exam by an American board-certified cardiologist who is also board certified in internal medicine. 
  • Comprehensive and complete range of screening tests for prevention. 
  • Cardiovascular (Heart) fitness evaluation performed by an AMERICAN BOARD CERTIFIED CARDIOLOGIST.
  • Review and update medications.
  • Individual lifestyle Analysis and Assessment

All examinations are done by American Board Certified Internal Medicine and Cardiology senior consultant. consultation for different specialties including Ophthalmology(eye), Diabetic consultants, Orthopedics(Sports medicine) Weight loss, Gynaecology, Gastronology(Stomach and colon diseases), and Cancer screening is available during and after examination in 64 Al Razi Building Dubai Healthcare City.